The Patrons of the Arts Foundation, operating as Carlsbad Community Theatre, provides opportunities for North County San Diego residents of all ages to participate in high quality performing and visual activities. Our goals are to promote the arts by:

Providing year-round cultural events at affordable prices.

Developing a strong sense of community support for the Carlsbad Community Arts Center and its activities.

Developing a broad base of financial support.

And to foster artistic growth in the community and the individual by:

Nurturing an appreciation of the arts among all segments of the community, particularly children and youth.

Providing educational opportunities.

Offering scholarships.

The Patrons of the Arts Foundation is a California non-profit corporation as defined by the IRS, section 501(c)(3)


Ric Henry - President
Jon Lash - Vice President
Tina Flanegan - Treasurer
Jill Schmidt - Recording Secretary
Liane Davis - Member at Large
Shandra Knight - Marketing
Linsey Welton - Member at Large
Joan Colvin - PR

Julie Krone - Member at Large
Cara Rodriguez - Member at Large

Suzanne Asebroek - Member at Large




Meiko Alexander

Maggie Threadgill

Sue Ward
Eddie Schwartz

Erin Levorchick


Gena Hornung

Laura Case

Jim Threadgill

Julia Huff
Michelle Maybaum
Dana Withall
Lane Schwartz
Jeanne Herrick
Kendall Holmes
Kathy Martin
Kitty McMahon
Penni Barachkov
Rosemarie Miller
Olivia Schulenburg
Phil Okun


Yoli Bennett - Costume Designer
Randal C. Chapin - Carlsbad Inn
Larry Clemens - Businessman
Cheryl Ernst - Carlsbad Unified School District (Superintendent)
Joe Gallagher - MSK Management (Owner/Development Company)
Jim Haedrich - Tip Top Meats & Delicatessen (Owner)
Carol Herrara - Retired Kelly Elementary School Principal
Julie Nygaard - Former Carlsbad City Council Member
Muriel Roston - Artist & Founding President
Dr. Mark Yamanaka - Pulmonary Medicine
Bonnie Hall
Bobbie Hoder
Will Neblett
Laurie Johnson (Valadez)
Debbie Kloetzer
Chuck Krause
Nancy Matsumoto
Leo Pacheco
Carol Phelps
Nancy Porter
Jim Shepard
Ginya Sherlock
Penny Steinman
Harold Stidolph
Rick White



Our Mailing Address is:

Carlsbad Community Theatre
P.O. Box 1956
Carlsbad, CA 92018-1956

Phone::  760.931.8709

Email: info@carlsbadcommunitytheatre.com

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