How old must my child be to attend a workshop?
Ages for participation in our children and youth programs are 6 – high school graduate.

How often do you have programs in which children/youth can participate?
A full-scale youth production is held in February of each year; a workshop production in October; and several workshops are held throughout the year. Most often the summer production has children in it, however it is not classified as a “children’s production.”

Do you charge a production fee for children/youth participation?
A production fee is charged for each show to anyone eligible to participate under our youth programs. In addition to receiving training during the production, the young actor also receives a cast photo and t-shirt.

What do I have to do to hear about auditions?
In order to be eligible to audition, all young actors must have taken at least one of our workshops. Participation in a workshop automatically places the actor’s name on our mailing list and establishes the eligibility to audition.

What types of workshops are offered for children/youth?
Workshop materials vary from how to select a song for auditions, to mime, acting, stage combat, Shakespeare, etc. Technical workshops are being planned for the future.

What is the length of a children’s/youth workshop?
Workshops vary in length; some are 1 / 2 day long, and others (particularly in the summer) may last for two weeks.

How can I find out about the workshops for young people?
Information is always placed on our website at  flyers are distributed to the Carlsbad schools; flyers are placed in the lobby of Carlsbad Community Cultural Arts Center, 3557 Monroe Street; and those on the mailing list receive either a flyer in the mail or a copy of the youth newsletter, The RAVE REVIEW.