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Summer Workshop 2018 - $225.00
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Summer Workshop 2018 **PLEASE download registration form under "Files and Forms" tab and fill out. It can be mailed to CCT or emailed to

Carlsbad Community Theatre proudly presents its 2018 Summer Camp where students will build on their existing theatrical skills as well as discover new talents gaining the experience and confidence of mastering the stage. Come join us as we explore the best of CCT’s 35th year with this specially written production of THE SHOW WITH NO NAME. When the directors don’t show up for opening night and there is no script in sight, what will the cast do? Watch as the story unfolds before the audience's eyes as the cast tries to come up with the perfect story -- and name -- for their show! This workshop is designed for ages 6 to high school. Students will be broken into groups based on age and experience. On the last day students will showcase their talents in a final performance.
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