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The Patrons of the Arts Foundation, operating as Carlsbad Community Theatre, provides high quality performing arts experiences in order to inspire, enrich, and foster creative growth in the community. We are dedicated to cultural expression and transforming lives by offering year round education in our ongoing youth classes, events, and productions featuring artists of all ages.


CCT envisions a time when everyone has access to the performing arts either as participants on stage, behind the scenes or in the audience. 


CCT affirms our commitment to equity, inclusion and diversity in the programs we offer by striving for these objectives:


  • Remove messages that reinforce disparity in the presentations we share 

  • Seek out participants with different backgrounds for our programs and to serve on the Board

  • Value and involve diverse identities and perspectives in program planning and execution

  • Provide a safe and inclusive environment for students, instructors, cast and staff

  • Respond to feedback from our community, patrons, parents and participants and periodically seek their input for ways to improve


Our Board

Jon Lash - President

Wendy Farris - Treasurer

Jill Schmidt - Secretary

Shandra Knight - Marketing

Hope Duchene - Member at Large
Dewey Decking - Member at Large
Genevieve Koesling - Member at Large
Sharon Duchi - Member at Large
Myles Vencill - Member at Large
Rachelle Lash - Member at Large

Lea Quirin - Member at Large

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