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Hello Patrons,

2023 is a milestone anniversary for Carlsbad Community Theatre – we are celebrating our 40th year with five performances of Seussical this summer, reaching a broader audience than ever before! In the coming year, CCT will tell more stories on stage featuring music and dance, providing entertainment to the public and opportunities for performers of all ages.

Please join our $40 for 40 years campaign! Your continued support will sustain CCT’s growth and success in the local performing arts.  There are many ways you can offer assistance:

  • Give! A one-time tax-deductible donation of $40

  • Subscribe! Offer a recurring donation of $40 per month for one year

  • Volunteer! Help with the planning and production of an event

  • Attend a performance! Our 2024 season includes: 

Spring “Disney’s Finding Nemo Jr.” (youth)

Summer “Shrek” (all ages)

Fall “Legally Blonde” (teens)


Use the form to select the best option for you and help us celebrate the connections we create, bringing more fulfillment and joy to the community!

CCT contributes to the local culture, making Carlsbad feel like home. We have earned the trust and respect from the community we serve. We look forward to  sharing stories that broaden not only our imagination, but our understanding and empathy as well. With your help, we envision a very vibrant future where creativity contributes to the balance we all need and enjoy.

Thank you so much for your time and generosity. We are excited to see you SOON at our upcoming events and performances! 

With kind regards,

Jon Lash, Executive Board President

Carlsbad Community Theatre

CCT is a non-profit theatre that is supported by community donations. We continue our efforts in providing performing arts to the community but we need your donations. Each donation helps put together local performances on the stage, and educates our youth through classes and workshops. Every donation counts!

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